Ability to prevent users from following you

In this feature request, “follow botting” refers to the abuse or spam of accounts on an individuals’ profile.


As a Roblox developer/player, it can be a struggle to deal with others “follow botting” your account. This can impact both developers & players because of how others can simply judge a person on whether they have “follow bots” or not. I believe that the reason as to why people utilize “follow bots” is to somewhat gain an extent of revenge over another user, but of course this can variate.

If this issue is addressed, I’m sure that it’d improve both the developer & player experience here on the Roblox platform. There are many others out there who have fallen victim to “follow botting.” It would be an awesome privilege to at least prevent this issue from occurring beforehand, especially if we’re made known or are aware that someone is committing such a task.

With this in mind, it’d be nice to have a setting which lets you toggle whether other users can follow you or not. :v:



Do you mean follow as in follow you into a game?

Or just follow you as in the feature that doesn’t do much except give them your status updates and increase a number on your profile?

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I’ll edit the post to ensure this clarifies that, thank you.

No worries, just wanted to check you hadn’t missed the “who can join me” option.

I’m curious how often the follow botting you mentioned happens. I hadn’t actually heard much about it until this topic.

That said, I think it’s always fair to give users the option so I do support the ability to essentially disable the whole “following” feature for those who don’t want it. To many it’s just another superficial social metric that younger players can get upset over and older players don’t tend to use much.

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