Ability to prompt in-game user to join group


As a Roblox developer who does groups, it can be particularly difficult to specify to some people specific groups which they must join / request - especially when you have formatted affiliates. Most recently I have begun my Star Wars project, as some of you may know in military groups you tend to have your main group, then divisions and then sub divisions which is great but then it’s difficult to give pathways from main to sub division.

What I have wanted to achieve recently is a way of accepting active players into groups which are manually approved - now I have a bot which can do this, however it still requires a player to request the group itself.

I also want to make my group as engaging as possible, whilst also being as fair on players as possible (as such I’m trying to encourage equal opportunity amongst my player base). For both younger and foreign audiences it is difficult to tell them what groups they can join and make suggestions - communities then tend to neglect this foreign audience as communications tend to be more difficult if you don’t speak English.


What I am proposing is an in game way much like the marketplace service in which players get given a prompt saying “would you like to join _____ by _______” then the relevant info such as group members - sort of like what allying affiliates looks like now. This could also then be applied to mobile users who have to physically leave games to join groups, allowing them to remain in server whilst also having the ability to actively join the group.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because although this might seem quite small: it opens up the floor to better engagement amongst the group community whilst also making the process of joining a group much easier - large games could create a prompt saying “join the group here for x” and players can join the group with no hassle by clicking the button and then confirming through a client side Roblox provided UI (again, much like clothing). For foreign audiences, a UI is provided which can highlight the group to them without the struggles of saying “go to groups… type… click the game creators name…” or whatever the process entails. For younger people (myself included at the time) it is often found searching for groups hard when you type in “British Army” and instead get anything related to British or Army whilst also only recommending the largest groups of those on the platform. Mobile users who perhaps have made friends in game don’t have to leave and rejoin (which takes time).

I would love to hear anyone else’s suggestions or improvements to this idea.


Roleplay games that require users to be in a group to work there could greatly benefit from this. There was a topic from 2014 about a feature like this, but nothing was ever added. :confused: Mobile users often have issues joining groups with confusion on what to click and having to leave the game to join the group, and so do inexperienced/new users. Younger kids often have troubles figuring things like this out, and as the platform attracts a younger group, features like this should be added to make it easier for them.


Full support. As a Roblox Developer, my games use groups as a way of progression and organisation for roleplay. I struggle to get newer and younger players to know how to join because they just don’t know how.

Adding guides is our current form of getting users to join but even with that some users struggle with. Players also help eachother but some players will get frustrated very quickly and it has led to negative feedback and dislikes because they simply can’t play to the full potential.


As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to utilize groups within games as a social feature. The player is forced to go to the website, find the group, and then finally they can join the group. This is a very lengthy process for something so simple.

As a result, I and possibly other developers are forced to use alternatives to groups. This usually ends up being some sort of very limited group creation in-game and ends up being very inferior to Roblox groups.

One example I could think of are player-made clans. If a player wanted to join a player-made clan, they would have to go through another group’s affiliates just so they can find the group.

I suggest Roblox adds a method that allows developers to prompt the user to join a specific group. This way, the user doesn’t have to jump around hoops simply to join a group.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, using groups as a social feature in games would be much more suitable. Roblox groups have many great features but integrating groups into games just prove to be awkward.


This feature has been needed since the beginning of groups. Earliest documentation says that the first time this feature was suggested was in 2014.

7 years later, this has not changed. This feature is still wanted by many to improve the process of building fan, development & social groups.


I like this idea and support it wholeheartedly, I would like to see some major group overhauls though because they’re lacking when it comes to community engagement. Imagine group blog pages to show off game updates. Also more advanced per-game payouts would be greatly appreciated too.

However, we can dream all day long about the things we want to see happen, but the sad reality is I can’t honestly say I’ve seen any highly requested features actually get introduced; just these random features that no one asked for cough display names cough.


Support. Users can customize their avatar, purchase premium, Gamepasses, etc. from implemented in-game dialogs, why not groups that way (if the owner so decides) group-rewards can be given instantly upon a success event.


Just found this thread trying to figure out if there was a way to do this.


Bumping this, I can’t see any negatives coming out of this feature and it would still be really useful over a year later.


If Roblox were to add a group management API they’d need to add a few extra security features

Roles would need extra permissions to protect them from abuse, including but not limited

  • Can be ranked to in-game
  • Can be auto-ranked to in-game
  • Can rank lower ranked members in-game

Oh yeah and PromptJoinGroup, thats a must


Bumping this, I think that it would be a really useful feature to have and it should also be relatively easy to implement and I’m lowkey surprised that it hasn’t been a feature already.


This would be super useful for hundreds of creators like myself. I hope there’s some news regarding whether this is possible in the near future!


Bumping, necessary features for prompting joins but also RANK MANAGEMENT.


Bumping AGAIN, this is essential to lots of developers who offer users who join their group various in-game benefits.


Definitely would be a beneficial feature; if they added in the ability to buy Premium from in-game, why not the ability to join groups?


We also need to know WHEN the player has joined or leave the group, this is very important for keeping track of membership and rewards


I feel like it’s also a little annoying to have to rejoin the game for Roblox to recognize you’re in the group. I personally prefer not doing it as it’s a waste of time for me, when I just want to play.


You don’t, roblox already recognizes you’re in the group. Developers are just too lazy to implement the ability to get group perks without rejoining.


It checks once when you join the game for server scripts, however for local scripts it checks any time :UserIsInGroup() (or whatever the function is) is called


Bumping this.

Full support, this has been requested since 2014. Groups are an awesome social feature and they need to be more accessible from games.