Ability to prompt in-game user to join group


This would be very nice. It’d be so helpful and allow for groups to partner with games and even for games to drive traffic to their group easier.

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Love this idea! Would be ideal for roleplay game!

This is essential for group based games, along with this, prompt to follow a user and a check function if someone follows a user should also be considered!

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This would be an amazing feature.

bump this would be a really great feature

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This would be an amazing feature, especially if it’s some kind of function that can be connected to anything (ProximityPrompt, Touched events, etc) just like a gamepass purchase.

why this hasn’t been released? this would have been great for group locked features in games

they should have a new GroupService method available to call


local GroupService = game:GetService(“GroupService”)

GroupService:PromptGroupJoin(player: Player, GroupId: number)
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would be a very useful feature

This feature should be added! Legit would change groups so much!

10 years and still aint here? i needed it RİGHT NOW, but im bumping it for future me or other devs that could need this.

Groups need this now that they can’t directly advertise, atleast let us take advantage of the players joining from game sponsors