Ability to purchase Premium with robux

I think we can all agree that Premium is needed for certain aspects of development, especially in clothing design and when you dev ex. I am not able to purchase premium with USD using a credit card or a gift card.

Even outside of development to receive premium benefits inside of games or access to the trading system, premium would be extremely useful to have.

Being able to purchase with robux at the dev ex rate would be extremely useful. At the dev ex rate, it would cost 1,426 robux to purchase 1 month… The only issue I see with this is you would not be able to receive the robux from the premium since you’d be getting essentially 500 robux off the original price.

What are your thoughts on this? I could definitely see this being useful.


I support this. It would be amazing if you could earn money from Roblox without spending any money on the platform! Building yourself from the ground up.

Being able to buy Premium with robux would also open a way to gift Premium to other users. You can give robux in different ways, but there is no way to gift Premium yet.

Along with all the points you made, I agree. Add this, Roblox!


Thank you for bringing this up @12904, we’ll look into this :slight_smile: