Ability to rearrange gamepasses

As a developer, it is currently impossible to change the order in which gamepasses appear on my game’s store tab.

If I want to order my gamepasses by price, by how successful they, or by type (i.e. “membership”-type gamepasses which give a broad range of perks vs specialized passes that do 1 thing) then I’m out of luck.

The store page is valuable real estate and we should be able to arrange its contents in order to get the most out of it.



But in all seriousness, the games page as a whole needs to allow markup and has so much room to improve for developers.


Also we should have a limit on how many active game passes there are on the store page. Not how many game passes exist for the game.

You mean, the store page shows “featured” gamepasses but you can have 100 for sale in your ingame shop?

Trying to clarify what you mean

There’s a limit on how many gamepasses you can have that are on sale. I think it was like 15. Past that and you cant put more on sale, it just refuses.

As a Roblox developer, as far as I know, it is currently impossible to freely drag + organize your gamepass order on your games page, and I would want to do this because we would be able to put our most commonly bought Gamepasses on the top row or the most “appealing” ones anyway and likely generate more sales rather than the players scrolling down to see all the gamepasses.


Personally as a developer, I really really want this feature. Being able to freely drag gamepasses into the order I want to and add new ones in where I want to would just be wonderful. Although it’s not a necessity, I would like to see this implemented at some point in time.


I agree, there’s a lot of potential value in the order of things being displayed.
I don’t have data on it, but it makes sense to me that if you see the first gamepass and are not really interested in it, you judge the rest of them based on that first look.


I still definitely think this feature would be amazing. It would make pages look nicer and give more control to the devs.


Would it also be greedy to want this feature extended to ordering badges for games?