Ability to remove games from 'Continue Playing' on the home page

As a Roblox player, the ‘Continue Playing’ section of the home page doesn’t suit my needs

The continue playing section has always been a big help since its introduction at returning to games you enjoyed but did not favorite. However, the home page only holds six spots for these games, and I often find that a lot of them are not games I would actually like to return to.

These 6 slots on your home page are very limited, so my suggestion is that users should have the ability to hide games under the ‘Continue Playing’ section of the home page. By doing so, the games would only be visible if they choose to see all.

If Roblox is able to address your issue, how would it improve your experience?

If Roblox is able to address my issue, it would help me get back to playing the games I enjoy much faster.


Edit: OP has since adjusted feature request

This probably wouldn’t be so great. Now a thumbs down doesn’t necessarily mean “this game is bad” – it can also mean “I’m not interested in this game. Stop showing it to me”. It would be more helpful if these two continued to be distinct and ignoring games could be done through other means.


I hadn’t considered that when writing this, and it’s a good point. I modified the post to be requesting a new feature as opposed to the method I was originally suggesting.

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To a majority of players, thumbs down does mean the game is bad in one way or another, and is partially why I’m against a ratings approach without some way to give an actual review or comment.

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