Ability to Remove Sponsored Game

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to remove one of your Sponsored Game.

Why would this be a good idea to add?

Sometimes people might make a Sponsored Game and Create the wrong type, for example you want to make one for PC but you accidentally click Mobile, now you have a useless slot of that Sponsored Game.

Someone might change their game to Mobile only but they have Created a Sponsored Game for PC.

Adding the Removing Feature would be nice because sometimes people can also miss click and spend R$ on the wrong Sponsored Game.

Another Example, you made a game and it was not successful, the game is dead, you wouldn’t want to spend R$ on it anymore so you would want to remove it from the Sponsored Games list.

Roblox already has a Remove feature for User Ads so it’s a bit weird that this feature is not available for Sponsored Games.

Thank you. - RuizuKun_Dev


Support, helps prevent user error

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Is there any reason you can create multiple of the same type of sponsor for the same game?
Because if there isn’t, it might just be better to disable that

It’s been 2 years since this thread was create, has there been any progress on this feature so far?