Ability to retrieve and activate PluginActions via another plugin (with a permission)

Plugin usage is significantly slowed down due to PluginAction limitations and inconveniences.

It’s needless to say that PluginActions are very limited. As a builder, I find plugins extremely useful. Unfortunately, TMK there are only three ways to activate a PluginAction:

  • Plugin tab:
    This has an obvious issue. There are multiple clicks involved and I like to keep the model tab open.

  • Quick access bar:
    Much better. This is what I use, it’s convenient and customizable. The issues with this are that it’s far from the workplace (the viewport), the icons are really small, and the customization sometimes inexplicably erases itself.

  • Hotkeys
    This exists for PluginActions however I don’t use it because it seems to half-function. When I assign a shortcut, it works until I close studio. Sometimes it doesn’t work at all. Another issue with this is that there aren’t infinite keys for all my plugins.

What I’m proposing is a way for developers to find and activate PluginActions from inside a plugin (with permission, of course), enabling the creation of convenience plugins. An example would be a plugin like the one I made, but for PluginActions.


If Roblox were to address this, it would enable developers to get creative in maximizing convenience. All of my complaints with the Quick Access bar would be addressed.