Ability to see which Badges you have collected on a game's page

As a player, it is currently extremely difficult to see which badges you have collected for a game. The only option we have at the moment is to look through every page of the Badge section of your Inventory to find the badge you think you might have collected or by slowly going through each badge on the games page, opening them up, and seeing if it says that you own it. If you’re like me, you have nearly 90 pages of Badges to look through, just to find out whether or not you have collected one badge. This is a long and difficult process to achieve something that should be incredibly simple.

If Roblox were to add a small notifier next to each badge you’ve collected on a game’s page, it would make such a simple task so much easier for the everyday player.


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The web extension “BTRoblox” actually has this type of feature. If you don’t own a badge, the opacity is decreased. The implementation is simple and is independents of the aspect ratio of the display.
Example from Labyrinth: