Ability to sync Instances to and from the file tree

As a Roblox developer, it is currently annoying to use a tool like Git while developing games and plugins because there’s no good way to get scripts and Instances from a place/model to the file tree. We can currently save model and place files manually, but those do not play well with tools like git and are not automatic, which reduces their usefulness.

Version control is very important, especially for larger projects with multiple people working on them (like games). Studio has a basic version control system built-in for scripts, but it’s simply not an adequate replacement for Git. I mean no disrespect to anyone behind this feature, but Git has quite a bit more work put into it than collaborative editing, so it’s only natural it’s more feature-complete.

Additionally, if code and models were on the file tree, it would allow developers to run linters and other tools over their code. Roblox already has a linter (script analyzer) built into Studio, but it doesn’t enforce any specific style. This is good, because it’s used by a variety of people, but as a result it’s not very helpful for large teams. There are tools out there (Selene, Luacheck, Lua-fmt) specifically for linting and enforcing style guides, and teams should be allowed to use them.

If Roblox added the ability to move files to and from the file tree, it would make it practical to use tools like Git and Luacheck on our source code, which would in turn help make our projects scale better.