Ability to unblock players without removing account PIN

At the moment it’s a pretty difficult process to unblock players on roblox if you have a PIN active on your roblox account, which most players do to keep it secure from ‘trespassers’ including myself. It would be a huge relief to be able to unblock players on roblox without removing your account PIN to do so. What makes this feature kinda dumb is the fact you can block people with the account PIN enabled, yet you can’t unblock people with the account PIN enabled.

If you currently have an account PIN on your roblox account, and you attempt to unblock someone it’ll pop up this error:


Yet whenever you remove the PIN off of your account it then allows you to unblock the player like so:


It should be a way more simple process to unblock players in roblox, doing so will prevent players who are new to the platform, or don’t know how to take the PIN off their account to be able to unblock people they didn’t mean to block in the first place or for other reasons.

Disclaimer: For safety reasons keep this feature to people who have their age under 13


I honestly think it’s reasonable that there’s an account pin to unblock users because parents may want their children to avoid certain users.

This whole statement is against the very reason why such safety feature was implemented. If a child blocks someone by accident, it’s the parents’ responsibility to teach them to not do it again, otherwise it’s beyond Roblox’s control. The vast majority of parents would still need this feature as well as other developers.

There’s this thing called “User Experience vs Security”. In the case, Security has to win.

I think it would be more appropriate to suggest prompting the account pin upon unblocking a player from that player’s profile.


I didn’t mean this in anyway to allow a kid to bypass their parents safety. Nor did I direct this directly towards that statement, while you left out the part about “new people, or those who don’t know how to take the PIN off their account”. I’ve removed the part about the kids.

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I didn’t leave that part out, the same would apply to anyone. My point is that the security shouldn’t be sacrificed for user experience, but instead add more usability such as the prompt I mentioned, more accurate error messages, add an account pin tutorial etc. Anything that wouldn’t confuse users about why they can’t do such action with an account pin.

Then keep this feature to people who have their age under 13

Add this to your post. I’m not a roblox engineer :slight_smile:

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