Ability to update an uploaded sound rather than re-pay

I believe, since we pay for uploaded sounds, that we should also have the ability to update it in case we need to fix or add something. Of course, if the time length falls under a new range the user would be prompted to pay again/pay the remainder.


You’re paying for the moderation.


It could be argued that the user doesn’t need to pay for moderation the second time (I wouldn’t agree), but these exist (taken from Web APIs):

  • https://www.roblox.com/asset/?id=1818&version=1
  • https://www.roblox.com/asset/?versionId=1
  • https://www.roblox.com/asset/?hash=b3c6b23ff18f48557b823ef5b72a0508.

Using those they could just upload new audio to the same sound over-and-over to avoid fees, using the version parameter to use every uploaded sound, if for some reason there were no fees on updates.

Allowing users to update sounds (with repayment) isn’t bad though.

Surely we don’t have to pay for moderating Decals, Models, Meshes, clothing and whatnot, I think (and have heard a similar explanation) payment is just a way of saying “you’re spending your own Robux on this so don’t abuse it”. I can see how an updating process would be tricky, but not impossible.

EDIT: I pretty much meant this as a deterrent, yes. I don’t see how the fees would be related to moderation costs, given that it’s a site-provided service.

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Moderating images/meshes is a couple seconds of looking at the asset. Moderating audio takes length*2 (assets have to be reviewed twice). If I upload a mesh it may only take 10 seconds to approve twice, but if I upload a 2-minute audio clip it takes 4 minutes for that to be reviewed twice. Moderators could have reviewed 24 meshes in that time. It gets worse if the audio clip is longer than that. Reviewing audio takes a significant amount of time, so that’s why it costs ROBUX to upload. And they can’t make shorter audio free to upload because then people would split their audio up into tiny pieces to bypass the upload cost.

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It’s not so much a fee as it is a deterrent. Having the fee greatly diminishes the amount of people who can upload audio frequently

Also I feel like decals are just stuck as free. The community would implode if decals cost money out of the blue

People would use this as a bypass to avoid paying to create new audio files. That would just saturate the whole moderation system that’s in place currently with “update requests”.
If you’re “updating” an audio file, you’re technically creating a new one anyway.
It would be nice to have though.