Ability to update thumbnails

I’ve been gone for a long 6 or so months, and I am working on my older, 1yr+ projects, and I desire the ability to update all of the old gamepass thumbnails.

There is 6+ gamepasses for that game, some I wish to remake, some I wish to re-polish, although the ability to change the thumbnail stands in my way - I have to keep my hideous thumbnails, and I can’t turn old gamepasses into new ones.

This has been a feature I have desired for a long time, and I’ve always been curious as to why we never got it.


One of the major problems with development of gamepasses and badges for Roblox is they are usually made before new content, like updates. And the inability to change the pictures of badges and gamepasses severely limits the overall theme of the game’s badges/gamepasses.

My example:

I had to redo a bunch of badges because the ship was upgraded.

Btw you might want to clarify that you’re talking about gamepass thmbnails in the title