Ability to upload to multiple places simultaneously

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to update my game easily. I don’t have the fastest internet and my save files are kinda big. If I’m watching youtube or playing a game, most of the time my upload will fail. It succeeding or failing can take a couple minutes. The kicker is that every time I update my game I have to upload the same place file to three different places.

So how about we have the ability to upload the same file to multiple place slots? No need to upload the same 8MB three times over taking several minutes when doing it once should suffice. Updates are especially stressing because if there’s any little issue I didn’t catch, I gotta go back and fix it and then upload it another 2 or 3 times again.


Why do you need to update three different places every time?

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With your described internet speed, I don’t think you would be able to upload to multiple places simultaneously if it became a thing.

Something like GameStorage may be more practical for syncing shared objects across a game.

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Place I: Lobby. It has 75 or so MaxPlayers.
Place two: The game, 6 MaxPlayers
Place 3: The game, special 8 MaxPlayers

If I could adjust MaxPlayers, I could narrow it down to 2 places.

The reason I’m uploading the same place file three times is because the lobby/6 players/8 players all use the same file and a lot of the same things. Either way, unless I want to jump through annoying hoops, it’s best for me to update all three simultaneously when I make an update. Occasionally I don’t need to update the lobby, but usually I gotta update all three.

No, just let me choose to upload my one save file and have it apply to all the places I want it to apply to.

If I’m changing part of the script, such as fixing some random error, I’ll have to update 2 of the places. Yes I could use models or some sort of service to put in new maps and any new data associated with them. It’s just cleaner to do a full update.