Ability to view game followers

As a Roblox Developer, it is currently hard to keep track and to view how many players on Roblox that have followed your game over a certain period of time, It could be over the years, months, or even days of the certain game.

Main Idea:
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Here is an example on the front page of every game, this example is the Jailbreak description. Here it shows how many people playing, favorites, and total visits. If there was a follower feature there, it would help out players a lot by how many people are following the game, so more players can follow and developers can see how many players would want to receive updates from the game.

Another example is located in Configure Game -> Game Updates. Here you can see all the game updates/posts that you made overtime for a game. My example is one of my first successful games, Loueque Minigames, I can see how many views it had when I first posted it, and the play-rate, but what bumped me out overtime was: How many followers did I really have?

There should be a chart for how many players have followed and favorited your game, the same as Developer Stats, where it shows all the data for visits, R$ Revenue, and visits by age.

Where would the numbers be for how many Followers?
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Here are the Favorite/Following buttons. (The example is still Jailbreak) What my idea here is to maybe put a total amount of how many people follow the game, but also favorite it. For example, if there were 1,201,000 followers, it would show 1.2M Following, like the Like/Dislike numbers in Denote form? (Forgot what it means when it is 1.2M instead of 1,201,000) Either way the feature would be nice if it was below the Following, same with Favorited to save space where most of the games’ status is, or where all the game status is currently right now.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because it has an ability to all game developers, and me on Roblox to see how many followers their game has for a period of time, and also how well the growth of the game has grown ever since it opened to the public. It would also show new players that how many people liked the game and want to receive updates on everything it is updated and posted by a developer.

Link to the idea of this post: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/any-way-to-see-how-many-people-follow-my-game/583781/3