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Hello guys I am making a post after a long time here lol sorry If I make mistakes.

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I want to Cash Out my robux thru dev ex

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I dont know if I can do that by selling all my limiteds for robux or Do I need to have earned the money from games?

  1. What solutions have you tried so far? Did you look for solutions on the Developer Hub?

I asked in a Rolimons discord server and most dont know

So basically I have been trading limiteds for around 2 months and now I have enough value in limiteds to sell them and get 30k Robux to devex but if I am not sure whether robux earned from selling limiteds can be cashed out so i have not sold them yet.
Also if I am able to I live in Asia where will I recieve the cash?

Short answer: No, selling limited items is not a way to get money through DevEx.

Long answer: 4th Point of the Developer Exchange Terms of Use states: " “Earned Robux” only include Robux you have earned in complete compliance with the Roblox Terms of Use, which include the Roblox Community Standards, through the Services from either (a) virtual items (such as clothing for an avatar) that you created or (b) virtual experiences that you created. Robux acquired in other ways (such as Robux obtained from a membership plan or referral bonus, a purchase of Robux or gift card, or trading/selling virtual goods that you did not create) are not Earned Robux."

Please note, Roblox will check how you earned your Robux when you make a DevEx request. Hope to have helped.

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thanks for the help man!
Also all my plans just got wasted :joy: :sob:

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