About DevEx payments in Russia

Hey everyone, recently I was accepted into DevEx program and one big problem stuck in my way of getting my DevEx payment. The problem is that I can’t choose payment method in the registration tab, because of the sanctions that have been imposed on Russians. (I am Russian) As a result, I can’t receive DevEx money, only accumulate. Can anyone suggest a solution to this situation? Thank you in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:

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There’s no solution for that; the solution would be picking a payment method that is available. I strongly recommend you touch down with Tipalti support and/or DevEx program staff regarding this issue so you can see if they have any alternatives they can direct you to or if you’re stuck on this.


I can’t use DevEx since March. It is simply impossible to do this in Russia now. I contacted roblox support about this and they replied to me that they could not pay because of the situation in Ukraine.


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