About games.roblox.com

Can games.roblox.com be accessed by HTTPService? I’ve seen people use RoProxy a lot and from what I’ve read it seems like Roblox has blocked API requests to Roblox domains.

Just wanted to know if this is true or not.

Yeah it works??

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I don’t have access to Studio right now so for now I’ll just mark your response as the answer.

Do you mean can you access it with httpservice?

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Yes that’s what I meant. Sorry if I was a bit unclear in the original post.

You can’t access any Roblox endpoints with HttpService currently, the only way is to use a proxy.
I recommend hosting your own if you’re passing cookies or security keys.

These one’s are fairly decent

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Yeah I’ll probably use a proxy. Thanks for the quick responses! :relieved:

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