About MetroStudio

Are you a Metro Noob?

MetroStudio is a group that is currently working on some Roblox Games. But most of you have joined for the legendary gaming community, V.I.P. servers, and our weekly Roblox Events.

MetroStudio was founded on 6/4/18


So you’re the one that wants to learn about the Metro Events huh? Well, you’re in luck! This is the place to do so.

When are events?

Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays starting at 5pm CST we play a few different games.
Next Event starts: 2020-08-07T22:00:00Z

What games do we play?

This list may change, but so far: Jailbreak, Arsenal, Murder Mystery 2, Tower of Hell, and Epic Minigames.

Jailbreak Events

We play Jailbreak Game Modes, Cops and Robbers, and Hide N Seek.

  • What are Game Modes?
    As of right now, there are 3 different game modes: Battle Royale, Alien Infection, and Jetski racing.

  • How do you play Jailbreak Hide and Seek?
    The rules are simple, hide in the prison and be the last one found. You can hide anywhere that doesn’t use a glitch, hack, and keeps you on the prisoner team. Only the prisoners can play. Once or if you’re found, you must leave the prison. Returning will result in getting kicked off the server.

  • What about Cops and Robbers?
    In this mini game, everyone on the Criminal team tries to get a 4K dollar bounty in 15 minutes, while the cops are trying to kill / arrest them. If the ANY of the criminals get the bounty before the time is up, the Criminals win. If the Cops manage to fend off anyone getting that bounty in the given time, the Cops win. (keep in mind that we play on vip servers, it’s harder to get bounties)

  • Promotions?
    Anyone who launches a nuke during the events earns the legendary rank in MetroStudio’s called: Nukes

Arsonal Events

To start, we play a few normal Arsenal matches. After that, we play a few custom games I made, such as: King of the Hill, Laser Tag, Killer Clowns, Moon Martians, and Gladiator.

  • What are the Game Types?
    Standard, Arcade, Gun Rotation, Randomizer, Clown Infection, Concussion Mania, Automatics, Laser Tag, BrickBattle, Juggernaut, Counter Blox, Competitive, Knife Fight, Swordfights, Pistols, Railgun Royale, Typical Colors, Wild West, Kill Confirmed, and Firework Launcher.

King of the Hill:

Game Type = Swordfights
Map = The Heights
Team Mode = Free for All

Laser Tag:

Game Type = Railgun Royale
Map = Lazer Maina
Team Mode = Two Teams

Killer Clowns:

Game Type = Clown Infection
Map = Mighty Manor
Team Mode = Two Teams

Moon Martians:

Game Type = Arcade
Map = Lunar
Team Mode = Free for All


Game Type = Juggernaut
Map = Abandoned Arena
Team Mode = Two Teams

  • Promotions?
    Any winner of King of the Hill earns the epic rank in MetroStudio’s called: Metro’s Arsenal

Murder Mystery 2 Events

We play the normal mode, Hide N Seek, and Assassins.

  • What’s Murder Mystery Hide and Seek?
    Pretty simple, the Murder is the seeker, everyone else hides. Once the round starts, the Murder gives everyone 30s to hide. The objective is to be the last found. When you’re found, you will be killed. During Hide and Seek, no one is allowed to kill the Murder.

  • What About Assassins
    In Assassins, everyone is a killer. Everyone has a target. Your goal is to eliminate all your targets without being killed. Last one alive wins.

  • Promotions?
    Every Hide and Seek winner gets the rank in MetroStudio’s called: Shadows

Tower of Hell Events

When the events start, the tower is set to 4 floors, and the shop gets locked, then we race! Every time someone wins, we skip and move on to another tower.

  • Promotions?
    Every race winner gets the rank in MetroStudio’s called: Parkour Legends

Epic Minigames Events



Aren’t you just tired of that Bronze Member rank? Lets see if we can earn you a better one!


  • NA:
Parkour Legends

Are you a parkour legend? If so, prove it by winning a race during the Tower of Hell Events. You will be awarded this rank!


You think you can hide in the shadows? Hide in plain sight? This mysterious rank is given to those who have won a game of Hide and Seek, during the Murder Mystery Events.

Silver Member

Obtained from loyalty and actively coming to events.

Metro's Arsenal

This elite rank is given to MetroStudios top defenders. Nothing can stop these mythical fighters. It’s earned through winning a game of King of the Hill during the Arsenal Events.


This legendary rank is only given out to the top, most elite, professional criminal masterminds. To get the nukes rank, you have to nuke the Jailbreak V.I.P. server during the Jailbreak Event. It cannot be earned any other way. Must be during an event.

Gold Member

Gold members are the Legends of MetroStudio. Super long time active members or other popular Roblox developers.


This rank can’t really be earned. I (Tripple) pick those who I think will suit the job well. There’s no need to ask for it, as I will ask you.

Sponsor and above cannot be earned. So don’t ask for it.


All rules must be followed at all times. You are expecting to know them, no excuses.

Group wall rules:

  • Do not ask for Robux, as it will not be given.
  • Respect all other players. When posting a message on the groups wall, make sure it is kind and friendly. Absolutely no bullying or being toxic.
  • No advertising. You may advertise in the V.I.P. servers, but not on the groups wall.
  • Don’t beg for promotions. Promotions can be earned, they are not just given.
  • Keep the wall chill. Having a discussion is allowed, but heated arguments are not!

Rules of the Jailbreak V.I.P. Server:

  • No selfish robbing. When a robbery opens, give everyone 1 minute before starting.
  • Cops are not allowed in robberies (Excluding Moderators).
  • Do not kill/arrest people, unless they have allowed you to. Mods may arrest to warn players. regular players may not ‘revenge arrest/kill’.
  • You must respect all other Players. All messages must be kind and friendly. We do not tolerate rude behavior.
  • No exploiting/hacking. We will ban you and report you to Roblox.
  • Begging for cash/Robux will result in you being warned, continue and you’ll be kicked.
  • Report players of breaking rules on MetroStudio’s group wall. Please have other players to back you up.

Rules to all the other V.I.P. Servers:

  • Just be nice ;D

Breaking any of these rules will result in a ban. It’s up to the mod if it’s a temporary ban or a permanent ban. Arguing with a mod is an instant ban.

During Events, not all rules apply.

VIP Servers


Click here if you have read and accepted the rules.