About page no longer works

Recently, I’ve noticed that the about page no longer works. It used to look like any other Discourse about page until it was updated at some point with a new aesthetic.

It is happening across every browser I use; Edge and Chrome on Windows 11, as well as Safari on iOS.

It’s not a major issue as it doesn’t at all interfere with the functionality of the forum, more just a minor thing I think engineers should be aware of.

It looks like this:


I think this could have been dropped in favour of the new ‘About Roblox’ page link visible at the bottom of every-page

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I don’t believe this is the case. Alongside the new footer, Roblox updated the about page with a new design. This page is different from the “About Roblox” link anyway; it displays the list of Discourse moderators and admins, rather than general information about Roblox.

Thank you for the bug report – this should now be resolved with the about page visible.


I wanted to make a posto n this but I forgot, I can reproduce,

@darkpixlz Are you saying you’re still experiencing the issue?

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On mobile it’s looking very weird but it’s working for me.

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Wish to add that I can replicate this (with Inspect).

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I see it back now, it’s solved.

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That’s your browser settings, looks like that’s just high contrast.

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Apart from the text not having a length limit, it’s fine. It also seems to hide usernames if someone has a display name.

Thanks for the screenshoot, will investigate the text truncation on mobile devices


That’s not high contrast, that looks inverted. I experienced the same issue too, however, it seems it has since been resolved.

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