About Rensselaer County Beta Release

Rensselaer County Beta Release


Hello! I’m here to explain to you what we’ve been working on in the last few months.
Some of you are probably wondering, why are updates taking forever to push out? Why haven’t things many people asked for been added yet? Why are updates not as big as before?
We’ve been working on a whole new version of the game.
When we first opened Rensselaer County Pre-Beta/Testing to the public, it actually got attention. Much more attention then it did before. Obviously there was still a lot of stuff not great about this release. The map was small, the UI wasn’t great, we were missing important components, and etc.
For the the last few months, we have been revamping** our game.

What is Rensselaer County Beta? Why is it taking so long?

Rensselaer County Beta is going to be the beta release of Rensselaer County. In Beta, we are completely redoing the map. This new map will be 2x or more bigger then the current map. We also will be refreshing and in some areas completely redoing the UI as well. There will be more mobile-friendly UIs, and etc. There will be lots of stuff coming to Beta, including weather, player settings, and more.
Why is it taking so long? We need to complete everything we will be releasing, and make sure it works well. We don’t wanna release it stuffed with bugs! It’s not easy to create new UI and a new map really quickly.

When is Rensselaer County Beta coming?

We currently will not be specifying the release date, sorry! But I can assure you it will not be too long. (Again) We need to make sure everything is right before releasing it.

TL:DR (Too Long, Didn’t Read)

We are revamping** the game and releasing the new feature at once. Here is a list of the stuff we know is coming to Beta Release.

  • New Map (2x+ Bigger Size Then Current)
  • Refreshed User Interface/UI (New theme, completely redesigned in some areas, easier to use in other areas, and more)
  • Weather Systems (You will no longer be driving in just sunlight!)
  • New Houses and House Claiming (You will now be able to pick a house from many options and claim it. You will be able to lock, and unlock it.)
  • Refreshed Vehicles (Many vehicles will be getting remodeled!)
  • Player Settings (You will now have access to change settings! Some examples include, changing rendering detail levels, crash effects, shown hints, and more.)
  • Undercover & Slicktop Police Vehicles
  • Tuning Improvements
  • Easier Button Usage on Mobile
  • Redone Police Vehicles
  • Bug Fixes
  • And So Much More!


Here are some pictures we have taken of beta/during beta testing. (Note that these images show incomplete versions of beta!)

Stay tuned!

**Revamp Definition - Give new and improved form, structure, or appearance to.

Please keep in mind we will still be attempting to push out updates weekly or every other week!