About the image bulk importing

I didn’t know where else to post this, so might as well try here.
I am, with a few colleagues creating an MMORPG in roblox, and part of it includes lots, and I mean lots, of item icons, spell icons, and UI elements. We commissioned a lot of work and bought some of the assets, but the hardest part seems to be getting them in roblox. There are over 1000 individual image files, and seeing the bulk import limit at a time was 200, wasnt such a big deal.

However, after a batch or two it completely ceased to let me keep uploading, telling me to try again in 24 hours. 24 hours?? Is it gonna take me like a week to upload my assets? :frowning:
The worst part is that the first batch of images were flipped vertically due to a tga>png conversion process and I didn’t notice before uploading to roblox so I gotta do half of it again as well :frowning: