Absolute size changes when duplicated?

So I have a gui that I use many times to make a new thing, but I just duplicated it and its all sorts of messed up when I go into it, its changes all the absolute sizes and positions. Why does this happen.

Hi. Can you send a picture of your explorer/properties/view port?

I don’t understand the viewport part. And the properties of what?

View port as in what you see in Studio - You can just do properties of the duplicated frame.

Nothing is different to be honest, its just I duplicated the gui and its changing the absolute position and size.

Hm, ok. Not completely sure of the situation, so can you send a pic of what you see in Studio?

Are you using scale? If so, when duplicated the number might be rounded up/down. Instead I’d approach your task in a different way instead of duplicating an existing gui.

Yeah - come to think of it, that is probably it.

Do you have any UI scaling plugins installed? I have had the same problem with AutoScale GUI and my UI was working fine after reinstalling the plugin.