AbsoluteSize displaying incorrectly

So right now I am trying to make a owned item display list using a scrolling frame, but when I test it out it appears that the absolute value of the imagebutton that I am trying to place like a list appears to be the same with different screen resolutions, I printed out the absolutesizes of the imagelabel for different screen resolutions and it always prints “120,64” despite that the actual size is “206,220”, printing the absolute value out in the command log does print the correct value however.

, note that the imagebutton has a size of {0.75, 0},{0.4, 0}. this is effecting each individual item is displayed in the list causing them to be squished in smaller screens.

Positioning Code:
for i,v in pairs(AllowedGadgets) do
newSlot.Position =
newSlot.Position + UDim2.new(0,0,0(newSlot.AbsoluteSize.Y * 1.1) * (i-1) )
The newSlot is a clone of the imagebutton above it.

Test On a blank game
I used code provided by Roblox here
This is how it is set up

the blue frame is what is created by the roblox script that is suppose to replicate the frame with size {1,0,1,0} using AbsoluteSize and AbsolutePosition.
It appears that the X size is incorrect
Is anyone else experiencing this?

Absolute size is not the resolution of the image, it’s the size in pixels displayed on the monitor. And because you are using scale, it will be different for each screen size.

I ment pixels ill change it in the post, but absolutesize should print out the size in pixels with the scale applied

Nvm I found out that i was using a server script, I guess that the roblox api page was confusing me