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Hi everyone!

Today at Abstract I’ve released a reliable way to rank your Roblox group members fast and efficiently. You create your own custom Roblox bot account and easily manage it.
It’s as simple as inputting your cookie and group id pressing a button and boom. We offer a free script that integrates it into your Roblox games. You just need to fill out your whitelist token, user id to rank, group id to rank in and the rank you want to rank the user to. You can get set up in under a few minutes.

What we use to manage our systems
For the frontend, we use Angular with typescript.
On the backend we use Express & Axios for api calls
For our database, we use Firestore

All data is encrypted and secure in the database. It’s operated by Google which is trusted and used by millions.

If you have any questions, ask away.

Thanks for reading!


Will you be considering open sourcing this?

Maybe soon. I still have loads of things to add.

https://abstractbot.net Log in and head to the dashboard.

Ok I was asking cause roblox has many ranking services and few open sources ones.

I may make a tutorial on how to make it with the web api, without any roblox api wrappers.

Hey, I was looking at the bot system and it says “cookie”. How do you obtain a cookie?

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Check this out https://docs.abstractbot.net/ranking/how-to-get-your-.roblosecurity-cookie

Excellent services I would highly recommend.

How do I rank people though? I read the Ranking API, but it wasn’t very helpful.

Please open source this, it would be helpful to understand what is going on

I’ve moved it to cool creations.

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Log into our site and go to settings and get the loader. It explains it better.

The request for you to open-source this is mainly so that we know what is going on behind-the-scenes and that no bots are being used maliciously.

Every successful open-source module or service has taken hours, if not days or weeks to create. As long as you have the right license applied to your code, nobody has the right to sell or reproduce it.

Hey! I’m currently the Director here at Abstract Services, for further assistance with your ranking, please join our communications server so that you can get assistance from their.

Thanks! :grin: