Acceleration and Gyro Studio Controls

Currently in Studio it is too difficult to test the various features of mobile devices, such as the Acceleration and Gyroscopic sensors within the majority of phones & tablets today.

In my latest project I wish to include some of the above features in my Racing game, specifically gyro controls, but it is very difficult to test a feature that I might not have access to with a mobile device!
(I’ve only just recently upgraded my phone so I now have access to such features, but I imagine a few developers still have old hardware).

Supposed Solution:

This is how Studio looks at the moment in Mobile mode:

^ I’m suggesting including somewhere in the red-box areas some controls to virtually manipulate the above sensors.
For example, if I wanted to rotate my device 45 degrees along the Z axis (like turning a steering wheel) - the screen would turn according to that input and the virtual gyro sensors will mimic real-life gyro sensors.

Same applies with acceleration or any other features I don’t know about with phones.

This would make developing for such devices very convenient and it’d simply be an awesome feature!
Thanks for reading!


One possibility for controls in mobile/tablet mode, is to let the W/A/S/D Q/E keys manipulate gyroscopic sensors.

Q / E Rotates on the Z Axis (Steering Wheel)
A / D Rotates on the Y Axis
W/ S Rorates on the X Axis