[ACCELERATOR] Reworked Games is looking for one lead programmer


About Us

We are Reworked Games, currently a team of 4 looking to apply for the Roblox Accelerator program. We as a team believe in open communication and team work, ensuring that as a team we agree on the right path to take.

While we are a new studio, we have a range of talent across the team. We want to rework the Roblox industry to create brand new experiences which revolutionise the markets we touch, doing it better than before.


The Team
@railworks2 - Founder of Reworked and Project Lead
@Mariofly5- Lead Programmer
@Krunnie - Builder
@Sir_S - Modeller

We are currently looking for the following:

Lead Programmer

About the Job

We are looking for a hard working team player with a wide range of skills and experience in Lua. The game idea is not set in stone and we want you to be part of that decision.


On top of any money you earn from the Roblox Accelerator program directly, we intend to offer a percentage of the profits of the games you’ve worked on. This is given out on a monthly basis to ensure a higher wage than directly via group percentage. If successful, you will be part of the decision for the exact specifics.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum, via Discord at railworks2#0001 or via email at careers@reworked.games

You must be 18 or older and meet the requirements for the Roblox Accelerator program, please provide a resume and a portfolio.

Thank you for reading!


What if the game flops? If the game flops, we won’t have back-up payment.

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That’s a fair point however our intent relates to the Accelerator program which does provide a level of income.

If it all goes poorly, as a team we can discuss how we would continue.


hopefully this goes well, even if i dont get accepted :smile:


You should have a back-up payment to begin with. That’s what many developers do.

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If required I shall personally pay for their time in USD however that remains a last resort. However I expect this not to be an issue based on what I’ve said before.


Alright then, people will ask you this question, make no mistake. I’ve seen this everywhere.


Just something we forgot to mention in the post - this will be closed as soon as we find someone who fits what we look for in a developer.

So if you’re interested we would recommend applying straight away!

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Added you on Discord! :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

Applications are still open if you’re worried about that.

We’ve received some demand from those under 18, just a restriction with Roblox. Depending on how we feel as a team, we may look for other programmers to help out which could result in a weaker age restriction.


This is an amazing opportunity for someone to work with a great set of people. If I had more time on my hands I’d definitely be up for the job as these are some very skilled people and great friends of mine.

I recommend you take a shot while you still have the chance! :slight_smile:


Hey Rail! I can work for you guys, I am underage, but I do know you can outsource developers a.k.a hire them :slight_smile:

Hi there,

We’ve actively aware of this however. it’s generally easier to hire 18+ people as well as you would be applying for the program which has an active requirement of 18+, as expressed previously depending on how we feel as a team, we may contract people (as a contractor) which may result in weaker requirements for specific factors.

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In other news: You have until 2020-06-05T21:00:00Z to apply. After that, we will be closing applications, we’ve received a good range of applications and we rather not delay too much.

Thank you to everyone who has applied, if you haven’t applied yet please ensure you do before the deadline. Any applications sent after 2020-06-05T21:00:00Z will not be accepted.


Okay thx :slight_smile:. I’m (almost) 17 and would be sure to apply if I were at the required age.
If you do ever lower the age bar I’d be ecstatic, always wanted to work with you ,
my work can be found here: jeddevs.me if you’re interested; Thank you.

Unless you’re 18 in September, I cannot accept your application at this stage. Just the requirements per [CLOSED] 2020 REMOTE Fall Accelerator Opportunity. As expressed before,

If you do wish to apply, please follow the contact instructions as we cannot accept applications outside of the official channels for privacy and security reasons. People have impersonated people who have done recruitment threads.


We’ve now closing the application.

We thank everyone who applied and reviewed our thread. We shall announce in a timely manner the successful candidate.

EDIT: Congrats to @Mariofly5 for getting the position.


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