Access permissions for non-TC games

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to grant access to games that don’t use Team Create.

I currently use these permissions to allow some people into my paid access game without having to pay:

However, to do this I have to enable Team Create, which I don’t need or want to use for my game as I’m the sole developer.

Could this be changed so that we can still add players without having to use TC?


Do you not find Team Create to be beneficial even when working alone. It allows you to close studio without having to save and once it’s on you don’t have to turn it on in future for those that may want to assist?

It forces me to work online, which is unfavourable especially seeing as I often work offline.


Definitely see the use cases here. We are currently evaluating this feature and making changes to it. Will keep this in mind for future iterations.


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