Accessing image ID from decal on website

After looking extensively at posts about this topic, I’ve decided to just make my own feature request.

Although this is available in extensions, I would absolutely love for it to be integrated into the website for cross-browser functionality.

I keep a table of all my image ids, and each time I upload a decal I add the image id to the list. Unfortunately, manually subtracting from the id number until I find the matching image is a pain, especially now with botted accounts (sometimes it takes up to 20 iterations because of all the new users’ places). The other option is to use the studio toolbox to insert the decal and then just grab the image id from the decal. This isn’t too bad, but still not as convenient as it could be.

The ideal scenario would be the ability to either copy a decal’s image id to the clipboard or visit the web address of the decal’s image id, natively integrated into the website. It could comfortably right here, bingo:

Gorgeous mockup ![574e882ed3d91db8b5a13dfa5fb6b4ba6adbf06e.png](upload://a8tW7ksV7TuGac27DnMxoVxXjbk.png)

If this already exists, please let me know. There’s a huge chance that I’m just an idiot and don’t know something that everybody else does :grimacing:


You could make the process easier on yourself by downloading the asset with and opening it with a text editor. The TextureID should be in there, depending on what asset type it is.

For items that you own I’m all for this idea though, it definitely helps with scalability as Roblox is going to keep growing and the gap between Image and Decal is going to separate even more.


This would be cool, what would be great as well, is being able to get the image ID from decals in studio!

Since currently, none of these actually get the image ID!

This problem has become a huge annoyance recently. For ages subtracting 1 would work and then it was 2 or 3 until a few weeks back when I noticed I now had to subtract 30+ numbers in some cases (I didn’t actually do this I just inserted the decal and got the id that way)

A way to quickly see this would be great, but Roblox needs to give us a way to manage our assets better for each game (the game images tab is useless in most cases because you still have to search for the id online)

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So apparently this is a thing and I never knew about it O:

This is awesome, and makes it super easy to grab the image ID from the decal ID. Thanks @Maelstronomer


:frowning: it’s sad that’s not a web API. No logs anywhere, how’s this magic constructed?

What this is doing is inserting the asset then checking the type and getting the assetId from the relevant property. No web API involved unfortunately.

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Ah - well, that’s pretty smart. I have some cases where I just loop through the GetProductInfo web API endpoint, but it gets throttled in no time using that method - in order to collect data of assets->images. This way seems much more lightweight for the purpose :smiley: Thanks!

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