Accessing & Replacing the ROBLOX Topbar UI (Game Files Wise)

I apologise for putting this in the wrong category, I don’t have access to Bug Reports or Feature Requests

Is there any way to replace roblox’s logo menu icon with the old hamburger menu icon? I don’t mean this by doing this with roblox studio, I mean actually going to the game files and replacing them so that I get the effect every game I went.

I tried doing this already and I didn’t get the results I wanted, here’s what it looks like currently

Expectations (2016 Roblox)

Reality (Present Roblox)

And no, I’m not trying to say I wanna experience nostalgia or I can’t catch onto current roblox, I just don’t like the new Icon, and would prefer the old one.

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Realistically, this is not possible.

You can technically swap out coloredlogo.png in textures > ui > TopBar with the old menu icon (menu.png still exists in textures > StudioSharedUI), but I imagine this would get overwritten every time Studio is updated.

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Yeah, I tried doing that but it just stretches out, so I got the black menu icon background and scaled the hamburger icon to that size (64x64) but it still stretched out.

Also anytime I try updating it, it get’s updated in the files but in roblox it’s still the old streched out menu for some reaosn.