Accessories not moving with custom character

Hello! I have been working on a custom cat that can take your avatar’s outfit and put it onto the cat. But, my issue is that the accessories that I have put onto the cat from my own avatar doesn’t move with my cat’s animations. The items seem to be attached to the cat, but just not moving. Im not a big scipter, but I will take scripting suggestions too!

Characteristics Of The Cat

  • 20 mesh parts
    • Same as R15 with the exception of the tail (1), ears (2), and eyes (2) parts.
  • 44 bones

Examples & Pictures

I tried to do a little head bobbing animation as well, just to see if it was my animations.

Properties of the model and workspace

Thanks for reading and helping me out!

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Use WeldConstriants

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I tried that, but Welds and WeldConstriants aren’t working for me