Accessories Not Positioned Correctly When Added In Studio

Reproduction Steps

To reproduce, you can run this simple code in the command bar on an NPC:

local insert = game.Workspace.Hat:Clone() 
local selection = game.Selection:Get()[1] 

Expected Behavior
I would expect the accessory to be positioned properly in Studio, just like it is in game. This was the behavior a few weeks ago.

Actual Behavior
For the past few weeks, accessories have not been properly positioned on characters in Roblox Studio. Instead, they are placed at seemingly random positions. This occurs 100% of the time when you call the AddAccessory() function and when you manually parent accessories to the character.

This has made character design in studio borderline impossible and has negatively impacted users of my customization plugin.

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Other
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly


Hi, thanks for reporting this. The issue should be fixed now.


Awesome. Yep, everything is working now. Thanks so much!


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