Accessory fitting tool generates accessory w/ Handle.TopSurface Studs and BottomSurface Inlet

When you generate an accessory with the Accessory Fitting Tool, the resulting accessory’s Handle has its TopSurface set to Studs and BottomSurface set to Inlet, and thus cannot be uploaded to the catalog as-is.

Steps to reproduce it 100% of the time:
1- Generate an accessory with the AFT
2- Print the resulting accessory’s Handle.TopSurface and .BottomSurface
3- Observe that the Top and BottomSurface are studs and inlet respectively.

No specific game

Have all beta features enabled aside from multi-cursor editing

Expected behavior

The AFT should generate an accessory that can be uploaded to the catalog as-is (and thus has its Top and BottomSurface set to Smooth).


This appears to be expected behavior, as explained by Roblox Staff: here

While I agree that it’s probably an artifact of that, I believe this is unintended behaviour because the AFT is supposed to conform to limits imposed by the catalog.

The first reason I think this is the case is because the accessory fitting tool makes you conform to size limits.You can’t generate an accessory that doesn’t fit within the size constraints, note how the generate button is disabled:

It also changes the mesh’s material to plastic and its colour to medium stone gray which are both requirements for uploading UGC accessories.

Another thing is that on the docs site it mentions selling the accessory on the marketplace twice which leads me to infer that the accessory fitting tool is intended to be used for accessories that are made for this purpose:

Thank you for reporting this. I filed a ticket to our internal database!