Accessory Importer Plugin

Accessory Importer Plugin:

Easily import Accessories into studio, all that is required is the asset id.
Cleans up the model from any: welds, touch interests, Thumbnail configuration, etc.
Provides a 3d preview of the asset before you import it.

Note: This is a early version of the plugin, tweaks will be made in the future.


  1. Install the plugin

  2. Go to the ROBLOX catalog and find the item you want:
    I will be using this item as a example:

    Find the URL of the item and copy the asset id.
    Open Studio and click on the plugin:
    Paste in the id:
    Now press the enter key or click out of the textbox.

    If you want to delete the welds and other items, select the ‘cleanup’ button.

    Finally, press import and it is imported into studio.

– Download: Plugin

Want the source code?
– Download: AccessoryImporter.rbxmx (44.2 KB)

Accessory with ‘Cleanup’ enabled:

Accessory without ‘Cleanup’ disabled:


thanks so much I really did need that

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This is a very useful tool. It’s definitely better than having to use AssetService and manually tag in all of the accessories I need for a particular project.

As an early version of the plugin, this is a great start. All that really needs to be improved is UI elements. All of the main functionality is present.

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I’m not much of a UI artist, but eventually it will look better in the future