Accessory Shop For StarterCharacter

So I am making a game where you have a startercharacter, its just plain grey

I am trying to make a GUI that has a “crate system” where if you buy one, you get an accessory or face etc and it will be sent to your inventory where you can equip it and wear it

reference: lab experiment by Sharkbyte Studios

I have looked on youtube, devforum, everywhere but I cant find anything
So if you actually find one please show it to me because I cant script
Or you can tell me what to do simply


You could make the opening on the client, and eventually send a remote to server, with the name of the won item. And then, on the server put it into the player’s inventory.

Then, you could store those items in data store and load them when joined back.
I will make such system for you when I can.

I think it would be a good resource for the forum! It is unique and it hasnt been done