Accessory shrinking problem

Accessories begin to shrink whenever I add them to this character. Im assuming the problem might have to do with the custom body scaling properties im using.

Custom Scaling Values:

BodyDepthScale: 0.9
BodyHeightScale: 0.95
BodyProportionScale: 0
BodyTypeScale: 0
BodyWidthScale: 0.9
HeadScale: 0.9


This is happening to me in 2023, Let me know if anyone knows why this happens.

Currently still happening in 2023, were you able to find any solution?

This is currently happening to me as well

For me this issue seems to stem from the Accessory OriginalSize Value. It continuously is deleting and readding itself to the object.

i dont recall ever finding a solution to this, might be an engine bug :man_shrugging: I guess try making a bug report for it.

This still happens. I believe it is a bug too because I can have the issue and it resolves itself after I put the same accessories back on the same rig in a different order

This isn’t a bug. All you have to do is set the size of the object which is shrinking to the OriginalSize.Value inside of the handle.