Accessory Stealing (Possible Bug)

We were bugtesting on our game one day and we noticed that some enemies and other players can steal your accessories by colliding with each other. This only happens when the player reloads after dying. We also noticed that some humanoids can’t steal accessories. This happens sometimes, but it doesn’t seem to happen on Xbox.

It’s hard to get the bug to start happening, but when it does, it happens to the whole game. I do not ever take free models and I even searched for keywords like “accessory” and “hat” using CTRL+SHIFT+F.

So far, I have only found this in our group game, but I have seen it happen in the past in featured games.

This just started happening in the previous few days.

Sometimes roblox hats are left in with giver scripts still in them.
This hat when it first came out was anchored and had a hat giver script in it, which was fixed about a month later.

What hat specifically was being given to other humanoids?

All of them. I checked for giver scripts too and I have found nothing so far. Also, this only happens after using :LoadCharacter()