Accessory with multiple mesh parts?

I want to make a holstering system, I already have the system, But I need a way to weld all the parts to the back of the player, whenever I try doing it myself, the accessory does not weld to the back of the player.

I used this system before but, it only works for Unions and Normal Parts.

I have tried Manually welding them, using weld scripts and using attachments, but no luck, the accessory does not weld to the back of the player.unknown

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It’s possible you’re welding them too early when they spawn, did you try adding a delay or wait() to the weld scripts?

Thank you for replying, but that is not the problem, my problem is that it won’t stay welded on the players Back, even after adding BodyBackAttachment, the accessory also spawns far from the player.

What you did are just welding the parts inside the Handle part, work around it by making a new script to weld one of the parts inside to the Handle.