Accidentally DevExed 100K Robux, What should I do?

Hello so I need some help, I wanted to test out the DevEx thing now that I have 100K Robux, but I accidentally clicked Cash Out and now lost 100K Robux, the Robux is from limiteds. Will Roblox see that the Robux is from limiteds and give me my Robux back? I’m meaning to use it for games and ads, but now that it’s in DevEx state I can’t do anything.


You most likely will not get your money back unless your DevEx request is denied. There’s a confirmation before you send it and you clicked “Cash Out” so this technically is fully your fault for not being careful enough. There’s not much you can do about it other than wait and hope it gets rejected, if not then I’m extremely sorry for your loss.

Next time be more careful! Very unfortunate that this happened to you.

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Well what if I email Roblox on behalf of the pending DevEx and try to cancel it?

You can try, it’s always worth a try doing :slight_smile: . However, due to the amount of time Roblox takes to even process emails (it can literally take WEEKS/MONTHS especially with “Roblox Support”), you may have already gotten your DevEx request accepted.

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Yes if you email them in advance before they process the DevEx they should be able to deny your request and give you the robux back

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This used to be the case, but a few years ago they changed the rules so Robux earned from selling limiteds is no longer valid for DevEx.


Wait so how did he DevEx the 100k Robux that he said he got from limiteds?

The Robux is removed from your account as soon as you click cash out.

After that Roblox will investigate your account and where the robux came from to ensure that it is valid/not stolen/from games.

If Roblox approves the DevEx request then you will get the money, else if the request is rejected then the Robux is returned.


Send an email to and ask them to cancel your DevEx. I’ve done the same thing in the past and they cancelled + refunded my Robux within a few days.


The website form does not take into account where the Robux came from - just the amount. When the DevEx checks where his Robux came from, they will end up denying it and he will receive his Robux back into his account.


Robux from limiteds is treated the same as Robux frome gamepasses.

Thats incorrect. You can no longer DevEx robux from limiteds…

This is not true, roblox typically replies to all developer related emails within a few days.

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Roblox responds to both developers and players equally, nobody gets special treatment.

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