Accidentally Exported Animation Over Completely Separate Animation

Hello! I was animating a rig and accidentally exported it onto a different animation, overwriting that animation with a completely different one. Is there any way to recover that animation? I tried looking up this problem up and the only solution I found was to use the following code in the command bar after making a save on the rig with the animation editor:

local id = (my vId here) for i, v in next, game:GetObjects(“”…id) do v.Parent = workspace:FindFirstChild(“AnimSaves”,true) or game.ServerStorage end

And yes, I did fill in the “(my vld here)” section with the correct version of the Id, not mistaking it for the AssetId. Though when I execute this line of code, I get the following error, “Bad Request.” Is there something I am doing incorrectly, or is this method outdated? Thanks!

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Was the old animation (overwritten one) already exported?


Little known fact I came across during my own research: If you go to your inventory and go to the actual animation, and click the three dots, you can go to “Configure”. There, you can find all previous versions of your animation, see the time that each version was uploaded, see which one is currently published, and revert to any previous version. It’s very helpful and I had no idea it was a thing until recently.