Accidentally pressed discard and lose all progress I made today

I’m in a rush so I accidentally pressed discard and lose everything I did for the past 4 hours
I checked autosaved files and there are only saves from 6 days ago I don’t understand why? a save from 1 hour ago is fine but 6 days ago WHAT?? this is very painful I really want to know if there’s a way to recover my progress thx

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If you checked your autosaved files there’s probably nothing you can do. It happens to everybody, now you learned a lesson and hopefully will start saving your work more frequently now.

Hello! Im sorry you’re in a pickle D:

If you’re working on scripts theres actually a separate system that recovers those, other than that, you cant do anything

Its good practice to save two copies of your game in case one is deleted or is corrupted!

there’s nothing in the script recovery so the only solution to this is to redo all the progress :weary:

It won’t recover your files but you could turn team create on so it’ll automatically save


I turned team create on thanks for the advice :happy1: