Account Balance (Robux) Lock


As a Roblox developer and player, it is currently difficult to secure my account balance (Robux). Although solved, a recent issue erupted where core GUI could somehow be covered by user-made UI. It came with no warning, and even with the caution going viral, it was still difficult to trust games fully. Sure, popular games are often more trustworthy, but you never know when a game may go rogue; once the damage is done, it is done. Let us not even talk about those who use auto-clickers in simulators – they’re at an even higher risk of this. (We’ll also not look at centered GUIs the same way, either…).

This is very unsettling especially when you have enough balance to complete purchases. A simple finger-slip can do a lot to something built up by hard work or worse, real-life currency.

Therefore, I propose that a Robux lock setting should be added. Basically, if turned on, it’d block all purchases, even if the balance is sufficient enough. It should respect the settings PIN, should the user have that enabled. I’m not sure if purchases should be blocked on the website and the avatar shop (and elsewhere, too), because the main security risk is in-game, but if the whole website can be covered, even better.

If this was added, it’d improve my experience because I wouldn’t have to be too meticulous when simply trying to play games. Roblox’s years of rapid advancement quickly depreciates against even a single security risk of the aforementioned scale. When a simple lock-and-key feature is the solution, I don’t see anything against it.

Furthermore, I think we can (or should) all agree that this does not in any way hinder revenue; after all, accidental clicks nor straight up scamming counts as legitimate marketing or profit (a debate for another day). Plus, parents can have a much better control over their child’s Robux balance and keep the settings pin for themselves – a sort of “allowance,” if you will. And finally, as a developer, especially one who does commissions and barely purchases Robux, it’s nice knowing my literal hard work doesn’t get sucked into some game which I did not assent to.

Thank you.