Account ban for moderated content

I made a simple joke text based adventure game last night, and uploaded this thumbnail:

My account was promptly issued a 1 day ban for ‘scamming’

Clearly this is a mistake on the end of moderation, and without going into a rant about how absurd it is that accounts are banned instead of just having the upload be blocked, I wanted to ask how other creators deal with this? I suppose I should just upload all content on a separate account, but that’s such a hassle.

Regardless, that’s not my main question,
when I went to appeal I got this popup:
I assure you that is my username, additionally it is the account im logged in to. I submitted two appeals, one for account, another for content. Both last night, is there meant to be an immediate automated response? And has anybody else encountered this popup?


Usually not.

Never went through support before.

I wish you the best of luck. I’d assume that the underlined text in your image made it seem like a link to the moderator.

When you get banned, your account is registered as “signed out” - which basically means whatever Username you enter into that field will spit out that popup. You can just hit Send anyway.

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sub btw thats normal for the ai since ai moderates decals,clothing,models,and chat, sadly what i know since appealing alot of stuff from models to clothing what happens is that once the moderation prompts that the employee behind it can either one read and decide to do what ever your account meaning can be for a day can be for 4 days or what ever but sadly some when you open a ticket some of them wont help which in my case when i had a clothing that did not go against tos when i tried to appiel it i was told changes wont be made that it goes against the tos which i explained that 1 it did not harm anyone nor sexual or show any parts so i went ahead opened another ticket i provided the same info screenshots of the email that was sent to me stating that it would not be changed and in the new ticket the other employee helped me and they said with what the first one that helped me did not do there job correctly if it does not violate anything and they look at it front to back then most time they will appeal it but sometimes you get people who decides not to look at the item and just dont care bassicly

That’s what I figured, but I seemed to recall receiving an automated response pretty quickly on a previous ban, so wasnt sure if something was going wrong. Thanks.

You can hit send but it seems it doesn’t register unless you try again after you are logged out. So, unfortunately most people will get caught by this bug and have to type it all out again, or not realize their ticket never made it through at all.

I was just banned for a day uploading an ad considered Scamming, but really there is no misinterpretation possible from a human perspective that it is a scam. Just a false positive from their machine learning algorithm. Hopefully appeals gives a quick response and lets the ad go through.

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