Account deleted out of nowhere?

My roblox account was randomly deleted out of the blue and lost about 2K USD worth of r$ on there. My account was deleted for “USD selling” however I did not USD sell any items or currency within Roblox, I am so confused what is happening but I submitted an appeal and got an automated response saying that Roblox would not remove the moderation on the account.

Please help me out here.



Same here, it’s absolutely disgusting, the lack of care in Roblox’s moderation. People lie to them all the time, so it makes it all the more difficult to actually get an appeal through.


You were just a victim of roblox’s horrible moderation, crazy how roblox just thinks its not a problem to have people false banned 24/7, Rest assured if you play roblox your account will never last forever, one day it will sucumb to a false ban even if it takes years.


Before someone mentions its hard to moderate a big platform, that is like if the cops falsely imprisoned people irl because “its too hard to keep order in such a big place”.


Unfortunate, but clearly true here.


Massive shame when you work incredibly hard as a developer to earn r$ and then roblox just delete your account. Just like that - for no reason specifically.


Literally the reason i dont develop on roblox as a carrier, and instead try to make a living of off yt.


@17frames @EvilVSCPlays

I believe this is what happend probably:

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Sue roblox. They’re basically stealing 2K USD. :trollface:


This may be the result of someone contacting Roblox CS and saying that you stole their items, or maybe that they said you bought your items off of the black market.

I would recommend getting a hold of someone who can handle this. Roblox Customer Support is kind of irrelevant and they won’t do much for you.

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Alright so your account actually looks a little bit suspicious

like for example one of your experiences:
Transfer (for what? for transfering robux? for transfering USD dollars???)

No this is not a flex I dont even have RoPro I just use free alternative of it on firefox to view your banned account :skull: (for anyone whos interested this is the plugin: RoQoL (Roblox QoL) – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US))

So its not just that

Your not a famous developer and it doesnt look like you got that robux legit

You prob got that uhh “illegally” or you sold some clothing (fair enough you could have sold clothing instead of getting that 2k from experience)

I might be wrong with that one cuz you could have done like 100 different things and gained that 2k legit

Good luck with getting unbanned! I wish you the best!

ah bingo

I found out your game tester for this game:

Zrzut ekranu (190)

For anyone whos interested this is the group: Project Flight - Roblox

now this is probably how he got that 2k USD dollars because that game is paid access and it has some players actually playing it (bro got paid for testing the game)

Well we cant really say that 2k was stolen but uhh what if someone bought robux with stolen credit card and then bought the game? roblox should refund that person but i heared something like this:

if someone gets stolen robux from a group then they might get banned off the platform

idk if thats true but yeah very understandable I think roblox moderation should just wipe out stolen robux from that account and refund all the money to the stolen credit card (after original owner of that credit card got the access back to his credit card) instead of just insta banning for stolen robux that got payed out to your account

this means if I joined random group right now and they gave me 2k robux and it turns out that the 2k robux is stolen then my account is dead and its gonna be banned :thinking:

I was a developer for do_big. I was paid much more than what I had in my account, however I still lost 2k usd due to it.


I was a developer for do_big. I was paid much more than what I had in my account, however I still lost 2k usd due to it. So…


The transfer game was a soft shutdown game which players were teleported to after a game was shutdown then they were teleported back.

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He owns a big company with a discord server of over 15k members for the game Work at an Airport. He is a legit developer and Roblox moderation is clearly shit.


Thanks, and ye roblox replied saying they aren’t doing anything about it…


damn that hurts, that’s where you can clearly see that roblox isn’t even trying to do anything fr.
Like they could do more research when you at least make a support ticket but no.

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I know, no one has properly spoken to me about it and no one has helped me out or even reviewed my account properly.

Really sad to be honest.


my bad my bad

I thought he wasnt legit cuz of the games linked to his account (for example transfer game)

but that already got explained and that game is used for soft shutdown script :skull:

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