Account Falsely Terminated

Hello everyone, I am at a complete loss and desperately need any help or advice available to me.
Earlier today, I was playing a game with my friends and working in Roblox studio when all of a sudden I was kicked from the game. I went back to the game page to re-launch, but I was hit with this message:

I have never bought/exchanged/sold items of any kind on the platform for USD. I use every single robux I earn to make games and content on the Roblox platform. Anything I earn is used solely to pay my staff and developers who work extremely hard on our passion projects. Examples of this include the various games/assets/UGC under the Bad Craftwars group, Undead Strike, and Frozen Watch. Every single person I have ever paid has spent at least dozens of hours in studio with me, or has spent dozens of hours in and contributing to my games. I keep track of everyone I have ever paid and I can very easily tell anyone who is interested what I ever paid each person for. I have proof of every task completed, as I require proof before paying my staff (in robux of course).

Additionally, they only locked my group “Bad Craftwars,” and none of my other groups. I have been on Roblox for over 10 years and have never received a moderation notice like this of any kind. I do not think I have any prior moderation issues that may lead to this, not to mention I was ID verified and paying for premium 1000. I have not sent or received a trade in years, nor do I accept robux from anyone in any form. I do not sell anything that I earn and all of the earnings are from my games and assets. I do not even take robux out of the group for myself, everything I do on Roblox is for the development and creation of my passion projects. I do not understand what to do and the developer forum/studio is all I still have access to. I desperately need help.

Has anyone else received a similar termination? What do I do? I do not understand. This is devastating, I love this platform and I do not understand why they would do this to me… Can anyone help?


@ExterminatorRBX Hello, I understand that this may be sad for you, but try to appeal and show all the evidence you have. If Roblox support doesn’t want to unban you, then it’s game over for your account! :frowning:


Same thing happened to me, and lots of people as well like my friend’s group. I’m not sure why they’re doing that, but my group and game were linked to a holder account in which were only being used to pay developers each month for their hard work and dedication to our game, yet it was unfairly terminated for the same reason as yours. It was a big loss, we’ve lost years of continuos work and funds we had for future plans and projects - one of the things that demotivated me being a Roblox developer.

Not to mention that I’ve tried appealing for over 3+ times and I get the same answer as always. I’ve tried messaging members from Dev Relations on their Guilded server, but also no response. I’m just disappointed at all.


RIP i hope you get unbanned blud :sob:


Unfortunately no, you can’t do anything else except appealing. If that doesn’t work, you’re screwed. I already went through a sudden deletion 2 years ago


Thank you everyone for your words of advice. I will submit a new appeal and continue; I am not going to let this account go no matter what. It means everything to me and I never did anything wrong.

By any chance, can I have the contact info you used? That would be a big help.

@ExterminatorRBX I have something that could be useful to you. I noticed that your deleted account was connected to Roblox Studio. Is that normal?


He is still in Roblox Studio right now.

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Unfortunately the only thing you can do is appeal. Seeing things like this, Roblox moderation needs serious changes especially in terms of the appealing.

Seeing any moderation message without evidence would be so baffling, it would make you question what makes them think you did such a thing?

Appealing can be a hit or a miss; you can defend yourself and tell them the truth and still end up being told your ban was for a “legitimate” reason, yet they won’t provide any evidence or why they came to that conclusion.

It’s awful how appeals are handled in my own opinion. Numerous times my false ban appeals have been denied.

Hope Roblox does improve their moderation.

I also hope you can get your account reinstated.

looked up and….

its sad that this is true

i can tell from the orange message and the chart just plummets down to zero

though why are they online?

Ah yes, the classic “it was moderated correctly and will remain moderated. We won’t look it over a second time!”

They treat developers worse than HR treats employees. We literally make the platform money and yet they just ban without explanation.

You can email them all you want, it will just be a copy paste email response every time.

I still have access to my studio places and have been working on them in team create. I cannot publish/save to Roblox, but my co-workers can copy over my changes on a backup copy.

Thank you, I will keep appealing.

I am online in studio, I have a lot of work to do and I am hoping that I can publish it once I am unbanned…

@ExterminatorRBX If Roblox doesn’t unban you because they don’t want you to appeal, how will you publish your games? If your account is not unbanned before 30 days, you won’t be able to have it anymore.

This is disheartening to see. I’m curious though - did you by chance happen to be one of the people targeted by the ‘your models have been stolen’ group/s?

@ExterminatorRBX make sure you haven’t fallen for this scam PSA: Bookmarklet & Verification Scam

I have never done anything like this, thank you

I am not sure what you mean by this. Although, there were a couple people on the platform who claimed to have mass reported me

Hey all- I just randomly got unbanned, and 5 minutes later, my group was unlocked. I have absolutely no clue what happened or how I got unbanned, and I received no notifications or emails about it.

I don’t know who the anonymous person that helped was, but I am forever in your debt. Thank you so much, I love you, whoever you are.


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