Account PIN now required for transferring group

This is an awesome feature! As Roblox is getting bigger, so is the security, awesome!

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I just left a group yesterday because i didn’t need it anymore. If i had just waited 1 day I would have seen this amazing new feature!

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So happy with this new and much-needed addition. Thanks!

Please, please, please, add a 2fa authentication system like Discord has


Doesn’t Roblox always have a verification system to prevent bots to dislike games? Don’t you have to play the game first for a certain amount of time and then like/dislike it?

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Thank you so much for taking my suggestion and making it a reality. I appreciate the teams efforts in making this platform safe and engaging for all of us.

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Security is super crucial in a growing atform such as Roblox. More security!


This is wonderful, I believe that this feature should be implemented for when payouts are being made. Although transferring ownership requires pin, the person who gained access can also payout to themselves so the pin for payout would be a good move to make.


Oh that’s a rip for me because my account pin is forgotten…

But like for real what do I do the roblox team isn’t helping me,…

Much needed! To take additional security measures, I do recommend the verification of account PIN for transactions such as trades, group payouts, etc. Putting extra safeguards in place will prevent recurring issues such as theft across the platform.

I forgot mine once, I believe I went to the Roblox support page and filed a report or survey and got an email or something and was able to change it. I think that is how I did it, I know I had to change it a few times because of forgetting.y

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Such a great a feature! So glad you all listened too us.

Great idea! In general any action that involves administrative power in the group I personally think, would need a Pin to allow the action to continue, such as what you mentioned, Group Payouts, and in other areas such as:

  • Sponsoring / Advertising Group Games: This could prevent group hijackers from just spending the Robux in the group to get rid of it / waste it.

  • Mass Exile / Removing Members: Possibly have a way to detect if a player is mass removing members from a hijacked admin account in the group, and if so it may require a pin before continuing after a certain amount has been removed from that user in a time frame.

These are just some ideas, but hopefully group security continues to keep growing and develop, for a lot of developers such as my self is a risk that shouldn’t stress us out or makes us worry that our progress in our groups weather it may be economics or development, wouldn’t be tampered with just because somebody has gained access to our account.



One of my friends were hacked, and they stole her group. But luckily, she got it back. Others aren’t as lucky as her. So, thank you for this.

Like others say this is a great addition, what about doing something for clothing, it’s rather annoying seeing millions of copies. Also as someone who wants to create clothing either for myself or for a potential game etc I do not want people to easily steal and re-upload it.

I also think like others, there should be an option to lock places, from meing changed or edited, while it may be annoying to always put in a pin to edit a place, it would give a developer a peace of mind knowing their game or build can’t be edited, or stolen. Yes as far as I know place stealing is still something people can to through a form of exploiting, but at least it would be locked from fully being accessed.

This being a toggle for each place, and to turn it off you need your pin

Since this is occurring, shouldn’t account pins be mandatory?


This is definitely a much-needed update, and I’m sure many groups will no longer be lost thanks to it. However, there are still some glaring issues that negate the effectiveness this will have.

You don’t need a PIN to pay out all of a group’s Robux, nor to make private any of a group’s games. While it may seem annoying to have to enter it every time you want to do one of these things, it only makes sense if a PIN is needed to change the group owner. What is the effectiveness of preventing the group owner from changing if all of the effects of doing so can be done without the same security? Lacking additional measures, preventing the group owner from changing is all but a ceremonial measure.


You just have to join a game for like a split second in order to like or dislike, it’s easy to bot the rating & it hits tons of games all the time, both big & small.

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This is a great approach to improve security measures! Thank you for adding this feature.

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