Group ownership transfer should require account PIN unlock

We’ve all seen hundreds of thousands of groups get stolen by thieves who’ve infiltrated owner’s accounts. However, not much has been done towards securing the transfer of groups. What I have in mind is quite simple yet will save thousands of people from losing their groups. We currently have the account pin that can be enabled by going to our settings right? It allows us to set certain settings which protects us from cases like unwanted password changes, loss of valuables, and so on. However, why not add groups into that mix? What if there was a setting in the account pin which read “Allow Group Ownership Transfer” and “Disable Group Ownership Transfer” or something along the lines of this. Why? Because I believe it will prevent a ton of groups/studios/clans from being stolen.

There isn’t much security towards holding a group besides keeping your own account secure. However, account thieves are getting crafty and are now doing things like screen share to kick you off your account long enough for them to steal what they want (even if you have two-step enabled). Keep in-mind that young children are also quite gullible and often fall for scams and deliberate scenarios that gets their accounts compromised and as a result losing the groups that they own as well. Large studios and groups above 100,000 members are especially at risk for being targeted constantly. Some of which have been compromised quite recently. So I think why not have an account pin setting that we can choose to enable or disable whenever we want to transfer ownership of our groups? I think this would be a simple addition to the account pin settings and it will save many people from significant financial losses (studios) and personal turmoil. It can at least be a temporary fix towards securing group ownership.

Thoughts? Also if this was already suggested then my apologies.

(My first time doing a suggestion in this category. Sorry if I didn’t follow a format correctly.)



This has to be done! Perhaps it can be a separate pin that we can make or the same one to our account. It would also be cool if we could have a email verification for changing the group owner as well, for extra security.

My biggest fear and insecurity on this site would be losing my group. Because that’s where all my progress and my income is. Without it my dev career is oof.


Email verification for group ownership change as added security would be great as well.


Support 100%


Sapport 1000%!


I 100% agree with this, groups are the lively hood of a lot of developers


Definitely support it. I once fell victim to losing my group in the past and I was unable to develop for two weeks.


I absolutely support this idea. It would be great to have the option to enable the pin when trading, transferring ownership of a group, abandoning a group, selling a limited, etc.


Precisely. ROBLOX needs to prioritize the account pin more with features like this.


Absolutely. Back in the clan war days, account theft and group stealing was typically normal if your games weren’t exploited by rival groups. Some guys take this platform way to serious and it hurts my heart to see a few group owners lose their group to some alt made 3 hours ago. My support 100% :bangbang:


Including a pin on group payouts will also be beneficial as well. The pin should be used way more often for a lot of things.


Being able to use something optional like Google authenticator or authy would be awesome


In my opinion roblox has some of the worst, and most dated security for accounts I’ve ever seen. It doesnt surprise me that my friend lost thousands of dollars in Robux because something like proper double authentication with an authenticator cant be bothered to be added.

As much money flows in roblox now especially with DevEx you would think we deserve higher standards in how we can protect ourselves but no. The pin in itself is an absolute joke. There are tons of places it should be to counter attackers logged in.

Again, its a joke.


Yeah. To add to this there are many websites that gather leaked data into a database and you can pay a small fee access to it. If your password is the same or similar to any other account, and that website has a leak, people will get into your account. I think this is a huge source of hacked accounts. My friend got into mine this way but fortunately he did so to tell me to change it because of an XSplit leak. You definitely should use different passwords but considering the young audience there should be more activism here.


Roblox could potentially request users to reset their password on a yearly basis (required to use new password) to possibly prevent leaked database drops/caches


I personally see it as a very simple fix to group security that is absolutely doable for ROBLOX and requires no “new feature” to be created since the account pin already exists. It would reduce group/studio stealing/losses by a huge amount.


Yeah, it would be helpfull if Roblox would communicate more about this with the community on what is possible and what isn’t :confused:

Hope I can help get this some attention


Entering your PIN number when you accept trades would also help a lot too


As well as group payouts I would assume

100% support