Account Value - Info and FAQ

Account Value is a game created by Block Games Studios to help the users of roblox to learn the value of their roblox account using a safe and secure system. Users can simply click a few buttons and the game will automatically calculate everything for them based on the items which they own in their inventory.

The game is safe and private as no information on the items in your inventory or the value of your account will be shared unless the user chooses to share the information to the global leaderboard and there is no risk of the game taking items from your account. (Information on the avatar value of a user’s may be available to other users as this can be calculated from the roblox website)

We hope you enjoy the game and feel free to leave any feedback or suggestions :slight_smile:
(Information on how to give feedback is detailed below)

Exploiters and hackers will be removed from the global leaderboards and be banned from re-entering the experience in the future due to their actions.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions):

  • Why does it need to read my inventory?
    The game will read your inventory to simply see the items which you own inside of your roblox inventory. This data is only available to you and the game is unable to take or modify the items which you own in any way.

  • Why doesn’t it count gamepasses?
    If your gamepasses are not loading, check that your inventory is set to public in the settings of your roblox account. If you are unsure how to do this, search for a tutorial on the internet.

  • Why doesn’t it count my robux balance?
    For security, roblox doesn’t allow anyone to get any information on a user’s robux balance. Therefore, we are unable to account for it when calculating the value.

  • Why does it say a shirt is only 5 robux?
    Some items such as shirts are limited to 5 robux to prevent users from setting them to higher prices to increase their account value (as mentioned in the point above).

  • How do I give feedback/suggestions?
    Please leave any feedback or suggestions on the group wall of our roblox group and we will do our best to take all feedback into consideration when updating the game.

  • What is username value?
    Username value is a predicted value of your username based on a range of factors such as your accounts age, the length of the username and more!

  • What data is recorded about my account?
    All the data which is saved by the game is available to you within the game. No information recorded will be used for any purposes beyond this. (Some information can only be accessed using the Stats gamepass)

For more information, please read the group description or ask a question on the wall of our roblox group.

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