Achieving a specific texture

Ok so I’m trying to make this train. (C62 2)

And this is what I have so far.

As you can see, the textures are very different. I’ve tried different roblox materials but none of them seem to work really well. I want to achieve the look in the first photo. How do I go about doing this?

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Hey there brotha, I highly suggest using blender as that will help tremendously with the look. I do understand that it has a pretty huge learning curve for beginners, but with that image you’re trying to replicate onto roblox; blender is your best bet here. Afterwards you can then create an image for the train either from Substance painter, (Subscription route) or personally I use quixel mixer which is free.

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Here is something quick I did in Studio using just assets from marketplace. If you are going for a professional photorealistic look then the advice about Blender and Substance Painter/Quixel Mixer is the way to go. If you are going for something a little more simple but still fairly realistic using on-hand assets this might work:

Concrete material for a rough uneven looking surface

Example of grunge decal on surface

The grunge decals I use a lot along with gradients, etc. The ones I use most are the ones from Roblox:
Modular Kit Modern City
The Mystery of Duvall Drive - Free to Copy and Use

Various grunge decals that I use (decals can also be recolored and transparency adjusted)

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Don’t worry guys, I messed around with a few properties to achieve an effect I’m quite happy with.

It’s not perfect but that’s fine.

Thanks for the support nonetheless

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