Achieving low part count with bumpy low poly terrain that is meshed

Me and my friend have been working on a project. I have been building the map.
The problem is we’re trying to have a low poly terrain that isn’t laggy nor uses too many part counts.
This meaning bumpy terrain that isn’t flat.
This mostly applies to the ground and slope type hills.
Though we do plan on having a chunk loading system later on to achieve this terrain, I was wondering if there was a way to make low poly terrain with minimal part count while also keeping the collision boxes being accurate.

I have tested collision fidelities to the highest level and even that couldn’t achieve the terrain accuracy I was looking for with the flat meshes I’ve created.

Is there any other possible way to achieve low poly terrain that is bumpy and uses minimal part count?

Please reply if you know any solutions to this or alternatives.

Although I’m not familiar with mesh modeling, I can’t imagine there’d be a way to get “bumpy” terrain without some additional parts. If you want to truly create terrain with few parts, go with the Studio terrain editor. Though this obviously isn’t what your looking for.

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